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Project Manager, Engineer, Cosmic Hub Community Manager. Started career in space as a Mechanical Engineer in Space Research Centre in 2014. Managed robotics and mechanisms related projects for industry and ESA. Graduated with a degree in Mechatronics- Micromechanics from Warsaw University of Technology

Jakub Stelmachowski

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Spokesperson at Polish Space Agency. Expert for communication and promotion matters with long-term experience.  Connected with public administration for many years. Before she worked for ex. Ministry of Economy, Industry Development Agency, Polish Gas Company.  She lectured Media relations and Press Spokesperson workshop at one of the universities in Warsaw.


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Graduate of the University of Gdańsk, having a couple of years' experience in the government administration industry, specializing mostly in translations and event planning. Big fan of football, dog lover.


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Space educator, PM & Cosmic Hub Strategic Manager. Involved in space sector since 2016. In 2020 named the Hope of Polish Space Sector. Since 2018 member of the board of Polish Space Professionals Association. She studied cultures’ studies, international relations and management in Poland, USA and Italy.


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