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The leading innovation hub for the Polish space industry

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our mission

Cosmic Hub was created by CIC Warsaw and The Polish Space Agency (POLSA) in 2020 to  accelerate the space industry in Poland, and catalyze new technologies by building a stronger community of scientists, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and space enthuthiasts.


our goals

  • Concentrate and share activities in the Polish Space sector

  • Promote Polish entities in the space industry

  • Educate on the topics of space entrepreneurship and funding possibilities

  • Promote start-up culture in the space community

  • Facilitate synergies between science and industry

  • Find the synergies and cooperation possibilities between different sectors

  • Advise strategic development and support the creation of long-term strategies



Cosmic Hub Ecosystem


CIC Industry Hubs are gravitational nodes that bring together stakeholders from across the industry in one regional center of excellence. We believe that open innovation thrives when a shared purpose, close proximity, and a strong sense of belonging enables the free exchange of ideas. Cosmic Hub is a collaborative community, founded on the principle that innovation is not branded and does not happen in isolation. Therefore, we invite a broad spectrum of partners and members to join contribute to the ecosystem.

Designed to build bridges between the disparate stakeholders in the space and space-adjacent industries, Cosmic Hub is a concentrator and facilitator, connecting entrepreneurs, National and International space agencies, private corporations, artists, and investors who are passionate about harnessing the power of the cosmos to change society (either on our planet or on another). 

Startups & Scaleups 

focusing on space technology or working on solutions that use data harvested from space 


with experience in investing in space technology, or those seeking further education about the market



in the space industry, solving problems using space technology, pivoting to a space-adjacent technology; ready to support innovation impactfully.


& National Space agencies


committed to sharing open data and supporting industry growth.

Enthusiasts, Journalists

& Artists


who are inspired by space or whose work inspires new areas of research

Sounds great! How can I get engaged?


join us


Stay informed and connected on LinkedIn


Join our community on LinkedIn for the most up-to-date news about the Polish space ecosystem, industry events, connections with mission-driven companies, and local international opportunities in the space economy.




Attend an event


Events are at the core of our community building. Check out our upcoming events and find links to recordings of past events


Curious about other events in our network?Review the opportunities offered through CIC, Polish Space Agency, And Venture Cafe

visit the campus


Cosmic Hub is part of the Warsaw Innovation Campus and the CIC Global Network

At CIC, we believe in the entrepreneur. After 22 years of building powerful ecosystems, we recognize that density builds trust and spurs collaboration, and that a shared purpose drives a thriving community.


CIC Warsaw is also home to IoE Hub, Proptech Hub, and a special community of Business Angels. WIthin the Innovation Campus you can find a network of investors, a private Impact Clubhouse for innovators, and a private restaurant to link them all. Joining CIC will also give you access to our global internal portal, CIC programming, and a passport program that allows you to work from CIC locations in 8 cities across 3 continents (and growing). 

All hub members are invited to dine and mingle at Masterminds, our private restaurant for innovators, as well as get involved in our other activities through Venture Cafe Warsaw Foundation: Venture Cafe Thursday Gatherings, Trend House, and District Hall. 



Cosmic Hub is the first physical and virtual open innovation platform of its kind

CIC Hubs combine both the virtual and physical community to maximize the connective power. Online networks provide flexibility and increase reach, while in person connection builds an unrivalled sense of belonging that powers collaboration. The hub home at CIC provides our members with a sandbox to test their solutions, a physical and visible presence in the heart of the Warsaw innovation district, as well as direct access to mentors and thought partners.

Cosmic Hub is a collaboration between CIC Warsaw and the Polish Space Agency  (POLSA)

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